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EMR Integration

EMR integrations lower costs across the healthcare system by connecting clinics that use an EMR with a diagnostic service provider via an efficient workflow that reduces errors, rework and redundant tests. It improves patient care by providing faster, more accurate results, enhancing patient involvement and coordination with the care team.

In a world where physicians increasingly see their EMR as their clinical dashboard, an EMR integration helps labs be more competitive by offering a provider-centric order and result workflow that reduces operational costs for labs and clinics alike by generating clean, complete orders from clinics that use any EMR. Labs need the right technology in place to seamlessly integrate EMRs into their existing processes to remain competitive and compliant. Interfacing our laboratory information system (LIS) to our clients’ EMR is imperative to improve outreach and connectivity with healthcare providers to strengthen care coordination by giving them access to clinical data for a more complete patient record. For more details or any questions you may have, contact your Account Manager.

Gulfstream Diagnostics is currently integrated with the following EMRs: